four glass jars of homemade vegan yogurt on a marble counter top with fresh strawberries and blueberries on top and on the side

Vegan Yogurt

If you like vegan yogurt but don't want to spend your money on store-bought yogurt, I got the perfect solution for you. This vegan yogurt with coconut milk is insanely easy to make. And it's super delicious and very budget-friendly!
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword vegan yogurt, how to make vegan yogurt, how to make vegan yogurt with an Instant Pot
Prep Time 5 minutes
Time in the Instant Pot: 19 hours
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 servings
Calories 376kcal
Author Sina


  • 2 cans full fat canned coconut milk
  • vegan probiotic capsules totaling 50 billion active cells (use several capsules if one of your capsule has less than 50 billions. Just make sure you have a total of 50 billion)
  • 1/2 teaspoon powdered agar agar (it serves as a thickener)


  • Pour two cans of full fat canned coconut milk into your instant pot. Make sure to use an Instant Pot with a yogurt function. I used the Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart for my coconut yogurt.
  • Carefully open a vegan probiotic capsule and pour its content into the instant pot. You should have a total of 50 billion active cells. If you have probiotic capsules with less active cells, just use several capsules to reach 50 billion. 
  • Also add the agar agar powder. Use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon depending on how thick you want your yogurt. 
  •  Stir with a whisk or spoon until well combined.
  • Press the "Yogurt" button on your Instant Pot and set it to 19 hours using the "+" and "-" buttons. Then let the Instant Pot do its thing.
  • After 18 hours open the Instant Pot. Please note that the yogurt will still be pretty thin and runny. Don't worry, that's normal. It will get considerably thicker when it's cooled down for at least another 24 hours in the fridge.
  • After opening the lid, transfer the coconut yogurt into small glass jars or plastic containers.
  • Store them in the fridge for at least 24 hours. The longer you store the yogurt the thicker it will get.
  • Serve the coconut yogurt with fresh berries or granola.


  • Please make sure you follow the recipe. I hate for you to wait for all this time and then not have a satisfying result. It's important to use full fat coconut milk for this recipe. When using a light version the yogurt might not get thick enough.
  • You need an Instant Pot with a yogurt function for this recipe. I used the Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart. It will not work without the yogurt program. 
  • If you're looking for a vegan yogurt, make sure the probiotic capsules you use are vegan. I talked about this issue a bit more under the section "FAQ - Vegan Yogurt with Probiotics". I also included a list of brands that offer vegan probiotics.
  • You need a total of 50 billion active cells for this homemade vegan yogurt. You can also use the content of several capsules. Just make sure you have a total of 50 billion. Carefully open the probiotic capsules and only add the content of the capsule to the coconut milk, not the whole capsule. 
  • While you don't have to do much, the yogurt takes quite a while to make. In total you need around 2 days. First 18 hours in the Instant Pot and then at least another 24 hours in the fridge.
  • Make sure to clean the inner pot of your instant pot with hot water before making your yogurt. I typically only cook savory meals in there and leftover aromas easily carry over. When I made my first Instant Pot yogurt it smelled and tasted like curry so badly I had to throw it away. So frustrating! I now got a separate sealing ring that I use for sweet recipes and yogurt. If you make a lot of savory recipes in your Instant Pot, I suggest you do the same. 
  • The agar agar powder serves as a thickener. I usually use 1/2 teaspoon of powdered agar agar. If you want your yogurt thicker, you could use 1 teaspoon. 


Calories: 376kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 40g | Saturated Fat: 36g | Sodium: 24mg | Potassium: 420mg | Vitamin C: 2.3% | Calcium: 3.4% | Iron: 35%